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#Cake #boards, to me at least, can make or break the presentation of a cake. I have seen the most #beautiful cakes displayed on a shiny silver, gold or plain whiteboard and it just takes away from the cake. Maybe a #ribbon will be applied to the outer edge, but it doesn't help. To me, having a naked cake board makes the cake look a bit unfinished.


Yes, I have been guilty of this too, and thankfully there is no life sentence in cake hell for it. And there are times I think it is ok and won't take away from the cake. You will see in some of my photos that I didn't cover all of them, but most of them. Now that this has been mentioned you will start to notice boards too.

But you can't cover just any board. Take in mind the super skinny boards that you can find at the local craft stores. I wouldn't use those, as they have no meat to them, for lack of a better term. They are like 1/8" thick. You can't even apply a ribbon to the outer edge.

I only cover the thicker ones. They are approximately 5/8" or slightly thicker and take the 5/8" thick ribbon nicely around the edge. See the example on this page. By decorating the board, it becomes an extension of the cake. There are a lot of how-to and tutorials on covering cake boards, and I too will post one soon, I promise!

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Keep On Caking On!


#cakeboard #cover #cake #board Always cover your cake board if you can. If offers a #clean #fresh #look to your cake.

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