Updated: Sep 16, 2019

I know, I know, you think that this is a no brainer. But I hear a lot that someone dropped off their beautiful creation and were counting on the bride/groom or #photographer to send them a #professional #photograph. I'd say 25% of the time that "may" happen. If it does not, you have no proof of what you are capable of to show others.


In the beginning, this happened to me only once. Back then it was my best work too! So here is what I always did from then on, I took my camera (yes back in the day there were no cell phones, LOL). Then I had to have the roll developed. I only got one shot at a good photo. But at least I had one.

Now I take my iPhone. They make some of the best #pictures I've ever produced on my own. On the web, there are tons of tutorials on how to edit iPhone photos, so I won't touch on that here. Make sure to put on 'portrait' setting (at the bottom of your phone screen) so that your creation is sharp, and the surrounding background is somewhat blurred. Take at least 10 photos from various angles, because what you can't see or didn't notice with the naked eye will ALWAYS show up in a picture. Also, if you are talented with a camera, the better for you!

Counting on others for your #portfolio is foolish. Sorry to be harsh, but it is. #Brides are busy. Their mothers will forget. The photographer (if they have one) will lose your information. Uncle Joe will take horrible photos. All of this equals no picture for you!

If making cakes or desserts is how you are going to make a living, don't rely on anyone to take your portfolio #cake pictures for you. It's helpful if they do, but don't count on it to happen.

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Keep on Caking on!



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