Know Your Floral Wires

Updated: Oct 16, 2019

Hi again everyone!

Today I want to touch on the floral wires and tape that are used when making our #gum-#paste or #wafer paper #flowers for a cake. These are sold by Ateco, PMC, as well as all craft stores such as Michael's & Joann's.

It goes without saying that when you insert these into a #cake, they MUST be placed into a straw, or wrapped in foil. NEVER let the naked wire touch the cake! There is a new product on the market to dip the exposed wires in, but I can't speak on that as I have not tried it.

But today's blog is geared more for beginners. If you ever get confused about what gauge to use I'm going to tell you here.

Flowers added to cake

I start with a #gauge #18. This is the sturdiest gauge #wire. It will hold some weight without bending on its own. This is for #heavier #flowers. Then the gauge goes to #20, #22, #24, #26, #28 and last #30. With 30 being the thinnest and most flexible. Your own creations weight & size will determine what gauge you will need. I use anywhere from 26 to 30 for medium to small leaves. You will notice that some wires are 'fabric' covered, which are my favorites, while others are bare wire.

Once you have made your flower and it is completely dried, then you can start wrapping with #Floral #Tape. To use I pull a piece off then cut in half. It adds less bulk and goes much further. Don't forget once you have cut a piece to pull at both ends to release the glue. Otherwise, it will not stick.

Storage of wires. This is always an issue when the topic comes up among cake decorators. I went to the hardware store and found a fluorescent light tube. They have lids and are clear plastic. I labeled with the corresponding number of what gauge wire will be inside.

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Keep on Caking on!



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