Updated: Sep 16, 2019

EEEEEK, I see cake everywhere! Am I alone? I sound like the boy from that movie (I can't remember the name), but he says, "I see dead people."


Well, When I see any art, design, architecture, a movie, a dog, a cat, a statue, a flower, textures, cartoons, colors, fabrics, etc., I then imagine how can that be made into a cake? There are no limits to what I look at and think that about. You wouldn't know it from the outside looking at me. But If you visited my cake room, you'd see it.

When you decide you love to make cakes, this will happen to you too. The only support group for this disorder is when we come together in classes and on-line sites & groups. There we can openly talk about our obsession and learn how to make what we see into a cake.

Are you like this too? Tell me all about it. Send me an email at bonnie@schoolofcakes.net. Also, don't forget to subscribe to this site and get a FREE cake recipe!

Please visit www.schoolofcakes.net for more blogs just like this and subscribe for a #FREE cake recipe!

Cake Strong!

Keep On Caking On!


#I #see #cake #in #everything It's a #curse but true.

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