Cake Talk - Good Morning Florida Cake Peeps!

Updated: Sep 16, 2019

Although I taught cakes and had a cake business many moons ago, I am starting the process all over again. So stay tuned. I will show you all I've learned along the way.

Party Decor

Today I will call my City Hall to see what is involved in getting a license. I'll also see what is involved with teaching & in some cases, a student may be taking a cake home after the class, so I'm sure that starts a whole new ball game. EEK! Also, my Sales & Use Tax, will I even need that? And set up my Square for payments. I still have to pay the light bill, right? Game on, let's go!

I will also be researching what will be involved in doing Home Cake Parties at your house, with your wine and your girlfriends!. How much fun is that?

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Check back often to see what is new! Happy to have you!!

Keep On Caking On!


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