Dry Cake Anyone? Why No, I Don't Think I Will.

Well, it finally happened a few weeks ago. I couldn't give a slice of cake away. It is hard to know that a cake is dry looking from the outside. Note the beautiful cake picture! My cake looked moist when I was trimming and filling, and I even applied a simple syrup. But NO, nothing was going to help this gluten-free, dairy-free thing! #cakefail

The Bride to be is a Great-Niece-in-Law, Ashley. Ashley, I'm sorry! She is Gluten-Free and Dairy-Free gal who I let down. She was very gracious! I tried my damnedest to make her a cake she could eat, but I failed. I could take a dairy-free box-mix and alter it. I have done this many times before with the go-to doctored mix I've used for years (it is full-on gluten & dairy and delicious!) and is the same one you got for free when you subscribed. But with the gluten & dairy-free, it was a whole other ball game that I didn't know how to play.

When I started slicing, it just crumbled. What do you do? What I did was apologize to every slice I gave out. Now, Ashley, her family & friends think I am an awful baker, I'm sure. My side of the family knew it was just an off day. But that doesn't make me feel any better. But thankfully, I get another chance to redeem my baking skills when I make the Grooms cake for the wedding. It will be full-on fat & full-on gluten! Sorry, but its the truth!

So the moral of this story is to make the cake ahead of time and try and eat it yourself, especially if they are paying customers!

That's it, nothing else to see here, move along, move along. :)

Happy Caking!


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