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Hello #Cake Peeps, let us talk about cake deliveries today. If you are new to caking, then I hope you get a lot from this information. Deliveries ALWAYS stress me out, even after 30 years! So, don't worry, if you think it is just you, it isn't.

One, the #temperature of your car should be of paramount importance. I live in Central Florida where it is very, very hot and humid. I always go out and start the car and crank up the AC (only in summer) a good 15 minutes before placing the cake inside.

Two, I place a #non-skid piece of rubber #shelf #liner on any areas that will house the cake and any other cake-related items that must travel to the site. These can be found in any grocery, department, or hardware store. I cut to cover the entire back of my SUV so that anything I place near the cake will not slide. It should go without saying that this area must be level. Do not place a #cake on the backseat of any car. The back seat is not level!

Three, the 'kit.' The cake-kit should consist of anything and everything you will need to repair the cake,in case anything happens on the way to the venue. The cake-kit should include a small rolling pin, scissors, gum paste, fondant, add'l flowers, buttercream, an offset spatula, etc. This list will vary depending on your cake. I know it sounds excessive, but as soon as you don't include something you will need it. Look up Murphy's Law, it is true! I have a clear heavy-duty bag with handles and a zipper that I use. It was free and came with a new set of sheets. LOL. Hey, it works! I can look at it from all sides and the bottom to see what is inside and easily find what I need.

Four, place your cake inside a sturdy box that is the same diameter as your cake board, so the cake board doesn't move inside the box. You don't need a top to the box, and in some cases, your cake may be slightly taller than the height of the box. Determine where the box front will be and cut the two front sides so you can fold down and slide the cake inside. Put flap back up and take heavy shipping tape and close. I roll the tape around the entire box a couple of times to ensure the front flap doesn't open when taking out of the car.

Five, while driving at curves on the road take them slower than you usually would. It may make those behind you honk their horns, but it is necessary. Don't speed. Aside from possibly causing a crash, you don't want to get a ticket on the way to the venue. You can not control how others are driving, but you don't want to be the reason a bride doesn't have a cake! Always better to be safe than sorry.

Six, and this is in case common sense isn't a strong suit, no open windows. As soon as a window is open a bug will fly in unnoticed. Remembering Murphy's Law, where do you think it will land? Do not transport a cake in the back of a truck. No explanation needed.

Seven, This goes hand and hand with careful driving. If you are looking for an address or a phone number, then you are not driving as safe as you could. Have the address and phone numbers ready and navigation input into your car or phone before you leave! Look at Waze (a traffic phone app, no paid endorsement here) to make sure nothing is stopping you from arriving at the venue on time.

Eight, No pets in the car, again no explanation needed.

Whew, I think that is it. If you know of a tip that works for you, please shoot me an email I may add to the blog and site your name! Also, don't forget to subscribe to my site and receive a FREE recipe via a PDF. My email is

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Good luck and you've got this!


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