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Hello Cake Peeps. Today I will briefly touch on how important the #cake #table is in its strength and location.

At the beginning of my cake career, I had a cake crash to the floor after leaving the venue. Of course, I cried, but I wasn't to blame. Here is my story.

Various cakes displayed with proper backdrop and room placement.

I walked into this #storybook #wedding #venue where everything looked perfect. It was a self- decorated #wedding, which is not uncommon but could have played a role in an unstable #table. The cake table was front and center and just beautiful. Although I did take both hands and feel the table, it felt strong, but without looking underneath, there was nothing I'd see from the outside.

I set up the cake and went on to place items around the table that the bride had left for me to use, such as their small plate, cutting knife, champagne glasses, napkins, etc. I took my photos and left. Later I received a call just to let me know that the table collapsed and that the photographer didn't get a professional photograph for me.

The tables were not put together correctly by the person setting up the venue. So, it was #weak in places that would be not seen by anyone due to the table skirt being in place by then. So, when a small child went over and put his elbows on the table to gaze at all the sugar he would soon be eating, down came everything.

I was just sick for them.

Lesson learned. Pull up the table skirt, look underneath. You may prevent just such a disaster.

About location; if you have a say in cake table placement, keeping in mind how the photos will look in a photograph, try and place the table in front of a neutral location. A window makes an exciting backdrop, depending on what is outside and time of day. Be careful of those draperies though; the colors may not match the decor! I have seen the most beautiful cakes put in front of pipes on a wall! Yes, yikes! Just use common sense. I would have the placement talk with the bride at your consult.

At my own daughters' wedding three years ago, the cake was in a good location, but the venue had guests too close, and no one could admire it the way I wanted. Come on; it was a lot of work! LOL. So keep a few things in mind, talk to the planner, bride or friend, whoever is in charge and make sure it is in a place to be center stage.

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Keep On Caking On!


#CAKE #TABLES should be #decorated to showcase your #beautiful cake. Always keep in mind how the #photo will look as it will be in your #portfolio forever.

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