This is a quick photo tutorial to let you see how I carve a car cake. This tutorial is only to show how to get a basic shape, not to teach how to make and decorate a whole car. What car you are making will more than likely be different than this one. But using this same technique you can achieve your own car shape. Be careful if you are selling character cakes, as you can get into trouble. Always try and get permission from the copyright owner.

1) Cover your board and set aside. I used green fondant and took a fork to make impressions to look like grass.

2) Bake a cake for the size you want cake to be. Set aside to cool. A cool cake is much easier to carve.

3) Prepare icings and fillings. 

4) Place buttercream or fillings in between cake layers.

5) Prepare side profile of cake by placing the cardboard cutout that you have drawn to the side of cake  and start carving.

6) Crumb coat cake and set aside to 'crust-over'. This means that once crumb-coat is set up you can touch lightly and no icing should come off onto your finger.

7) Add final layer of buttercream. I like to place in refrigerator to cool before adding fondant.

8) Roll out Fondant as thin as you can without it tearing. Usually an 1/8 inch thick. Place on cake making sure to gently smooth into details.

9) Take 4 tires (these should be made out of gumpaste which dries harder than fondant) that you would have made a few days ahead of time so they can dry. Place into position. You can use buttercream or royal icing to hold into place.

10) For windows using either black fondant or white (you can also use an edible silver paint to go over the windows after placing).

11) Depending on car you are making you can add any previously made chrome accents now. Use edible silver paint that I mentioned before. This can usually be found from most cake supply stores.

I'd love to see what you are working on!

Send me an email with photos.

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